Everything you need for your new friend!

Here at Pawlivery, we specialize in providing customized care packages for cats and dogs. Our high-quality products are found at exceptionally low prices with guaranteed quick delivery. Whether it be a gift for a friend, a welcome package for a new pet or a show of love to your long-time companion, rest assured that you will find the perfect gift with us. Every time.

Everything You Need!

Not sure what you’re looking for? Check out our Paw Packs! Our Paw Packs both offer a great collection to get you, or a friend, started with a new pet. Choose between our Standard Packs, or pick up a Premium Paw Pack for additional special items like bedding and kennels!

Puppy Paw Pack

For new dog owners, we’re offering the Puppy Paw Pack — a one-time delivery of everything you’ll need for your new dog. Tell us a little about your new friend, and we’ll put together a personalized package of breed- and size-appropriate food, toys, bowls, and more. We’ll also send along a list of recommended dog trainers, vets, and other area-based pet services.

Kitty Paw Pack

Cat lovers will enjoy our Kitty Paw Pack — a one-time delivery of basics for your new cat. Tell us the age and breed of your new kitty, and we’ll create a personalized package of food, bowls, litter box, and litter. We’ll include a list of groomers, vets, and other area-based services for your new friend.

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